Collection of debts

Collection of debts in Hungary, Budapest

You have a claim or even a title against a Hungarian company. Katona and Partner Law Office are at your service. We are available abroad as well, by means of our German branch office in Nurnberg, even on the spot, if necessary.


  1. prevention – establishment of the agreement – securing claims

    • Company register

    • Address register

    • Obtaining credit information

    • Based on consultations with the debtor (the possible client) in the course of establishing the agreement

    • Internet

  2. consultancy regarding establishing the payment date agreements

  3. payment conditions
    Depending on the credit assessment of the contracting party, with payment upon issuing the invoice or upon delivery the following payment terms may be agreed upon:
    debt collection
    bank collection
    advance or forfeit payment
    abatement to induce payment
    cash on delivery

  4. securing debts by establishing agreement
    Possible forms of securities:

    • retention of ownership

    • debt collection

    • security transfer 

    • warranties 

    • further securities  

      • mortgage

      • security on movables

II. Demand notes – asserting of claims

Asserting of claims out of court by means of legal demand notes.

1. Asserting of claims in court This road’s aim is achieving legal security, and obtaining a so called enforcement title, so that the valid claims may be asserted. Collection.

The in-court dunning procedures are often simpler, faster, cheaper, and suggested in the case of non-disputed claims.

Measure typical for Hungary Request for initiating a liquidation procedure in case of non-disputed obligation is due since at least 15 days.Debts.

III. Early monitoring and alarm system

The typical insolvency-signs at hand:

  • changing the managing director
  • changing bank contact data
  • instead of the usual immediate payments, the long payment conditions are made use of
  • ’Tactical’ warranty claims
  • Dismissals at the debtor company
  • Relocating the seat
  • Especially: securities learned of