Competition law – unfair competition practices

Many companies try to reach new clients and by that means, greater revenues with slip-proof advertisements. Despite the lately lightened frame rules of competition law, the legal surroundings have to be considered by all means in the course of the advertisement procedure.

The breach of the competition law rules – even if due to non-awareness- may lead to expensive and lengthy lawsuits, leading to the restraining of the competition activity. The competitors may also assert high claims for damages..

It has to be considered that the smallest additional reference may render an advertisement unlawful and thus assailable before a court. The advertising activity has to be thought through and to be prepared calmly, so that a costly competition law procedure may be avoided.

Besides advertisements, the prescriptions of the Competition Law Act also concern the activities by means of which through breach of another law an advantage is gained vis á vis the competitor.

We offer our counseling services and are available as legal representatives regarding all competition law matters and disputes pertaining to the Competition Law Act.

We examine in advance whether the advertisement activity is admissible, so that any subsequent claims by competitors and thus the unnecessary costs may be avoided.

In the case of wrongful practices of the competitors, we represent your interests, in and out of court.

Our competition law services

  • Notice and in-court procedure for claims against competitors
  • Defense against notices of rivals/ co-competitors
  • Follow-up of breaches of competition law
  • Check-up of the admissibility of competition law measures
  • Counseling regarding marketing planning and conception