Customs law (EU)

Our activities include, among others, the following:

  • Counseling regarding the choice of optimal import-export customs clearing procedures
  • Counseling in the course of requesting a simplified customs clearance procedure
  • Counseling in the course of request of customs tariff information
  • Preparation of appeals against the decisions of the customs authorities
  • Counseling regarding administrative on-site examinations.
  • Legal representation in the case of torts or misdemeanors due to breach of customs law
  • Legal representation regarding the confiscation of objects and the search of office premises
  • Legal representation in the course of obtaining the status of „Authorized Economic Operator“ (AEO) in the interest of possible procedure simplifications
  • Representation of the client in customs procedures for the subsequent determination of customs obligations
  • Competent appeals against the decisions of the customs authorities of first instance


  • Lawsuit against the decision of the customs decisions of second instance
  • Filing of a revision plea at the Supreme Court
  • Filing of a plea for preliminary ruling by the European Court of Justice in the course of the procedure