Real Estate Law Budapest

Our group provides an all-round service in all questions regarding this branch of law.

Our keen expertise in this field of business enables us to provide a practically oriented and effective counselling.

Our Property and Real Estate Law Service includes the following areas of practice:

  • Refurbishment plans
  • Real Estate Investment funds
  • Partnerships and hybrid structures
  • Acquisition and Sale
  • Group re-structuring
  • Settling disputes and legal relations between landlord and tenant
  • Dispute resolution
  • Drawing up and evaluation of Contracts of Purchase, Barter, Donation or Gift, Letting out, Renting, Hiring, Lease, Annuities of real estates
  • Testamentary and other contracts and documents objecting the transfer of ownership of a property as well as the establishment of other property-related rights
  • Drawing up and evaluation of contracts for the establishment or termination of a co-ownership or joint ownership of a property
  • Drawing up and counter-signing documents for the purpose of giving a real estate as a transaction security (eg. mortgage, guaranty)
  • Revision and re-evaluation of rights and facts related to real estate
  • Representation of clients at the Land Registration Office
  • Conducting of division of property and changes of utilisation
  • Adverse possession
  • Real estate tax, title transfer fees and community charges
  • Providing legal support for the preparation of land development plans and regulations
  • Settling real estate possession disputes
  • Providing legal advice in questions regarding land and agricultural property

You may contact our law firm regarding any question or issue regarding property law and real estate law. We provide you with an extensive legal advisory service regarding property and real estate law matters of general kind:

  • Ownership, legal titles of acquiring ownership
  • Inheritance law rules
  • Gift and donation rules
  • Acquisition of property of foreign citizens in Hungary
  • Re-occurring remuneration (Pension, Annuity) on contractual basis in connection with the transfer of ownership or inheritance of a property
  • Particular rules of agricultural property
  • Co-ownership, joint ownership
  • Pre-emption
  • Easements and real servitudes
  • Letting-out of property
  • Real estate fees and charges
  • Law concerning neighbours
  • Marital aspects of property, property and registered same-sex partnership
  • Banking and finance transactions, Loan undertakings for the acquisition of property

Our law firm would be pleased to provide you with full-scale legal service regarding real estate projects and also regarding the purchase and encumbrance of single properties as well as the transfer of ownership or the transfer of other (in rem) titles of the property.

We emphasize the inclusion of the financing terms of property acquisitions into the contracts of purchase.

We clarify and settle disputed or unclear ownership and inheritance titles, relationships and facts in the Land Register.

We elaborate the details of legal relations regarding the purchase, sale and lease transactions of agricultural land.