Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy in Hungary, Budapest

The on-going legal consultancy rendered to companies includes the legal aspects of everyday financial accounting and bookkeeping, legal issues relating to the financial statements and the tax returns, and other financial law consultancy services. We answer to your questions regarding tax law decisions or measures, and on what to do, when the tax authority has already effected a decision or a measure.

Among others, the following consultancy services belong here:

  • Contact with the tax authority
  • Preparation of the pleas filed for suspension of the procedure or the execution

Further, all consultancy services regarding on-site inspections. Our activities include consultancy services during the following procedures:

  • VAT-inspections
  • Regular inspections by the tax authorities
  • Appeal against a wrongful decision of the tax authority
  • Competent appeal against the decisions of the taxauthority of first instance
  • International, off-shore solutions
  • Optimizing of the advantages of the double taxation agreements


  • Lawsuit against the decision of the tax decisions of second instance
  • Filing of a revision plea at the Supreme Court
  • Filing of a plea for preliminary ruling by the European Court of Justice in the course of the procedure

The core of our legal taxation consultancy services are the questions related to the VAT-Act. Regarding the business activities corporate tax and community tax payment obligations may arise. In that specific area, pre-planning and previous consultancy are of extreme importance.

Apart from the above, all foreign-related tax issues, with special regard to the different national tax laws of the EU Member States, partly non-compatible with each-other, are subject to constant change. This may include the tax matters of European and foreign, non-European persons as well.

A further situation concerning tax-foreigners develops when tax-nationals intend to re-set their business fully abroad. In that case, the State imposes taxes on the existing assets, as e.g. shares in other companies, in the moment of transfer of the seat to a tax-foreign country.