Labour Law

Our office based in Budapest represents employees, employers, trade unions and workers’ councils since the year 1995 in all fields of individual and collective labour law. Similarly, we are at your service at our branch office in Nurnberg with our following labour law consultancy services.

Our labour law services include primarily the following topics:

  • preparation and providing advice regarding contracts of labour, collective agreements, work agreement
  • preparation and providing advice regarding employer’s internal policy
  • termination of employment: notice of termination, execution of the dismissal and settlement of disputes
  • consulting in cases of legal succession (acquisition, merger, spin-off) and of dissolution without succession of the employer
  • conditions of employment of foreign citizens
  • authorization of domestic employment for foreign employees
  • wage, salary and other matters regarding payments from the employer to the employee as well as disputes thereon
  • amendment or termination of employment upon mutual agreement, severance pay
  • non-competition rules and labour agreements
  • disciplinary proceedings, legal remedies against disciplinary measures
  • mobbing, written warning hierto
  • advisory services for executive employees, agreements on incompatibility and confidentiality
  • legal disputes related to collective agreements, trade unions and works’ council
  • equal opportunity and anti-discrimination cases
  • collective redundancy
  • advice on work safety and on labour inspections
  • legal advice regarding the employer’s and employee’s social contribution and tax payment obligations
  • questions regarding unemployment benefit or jobseeker’s allowance

Our law firm attributes a high value to the proactive approach to labour law in order to avoid any disputes that may arise under such labour or employment relationships. For that reason, it is our priority to properly and extensively inform our Clients in advance to any legal actions or proceedings.

We gladly undertake the legal representation of our Clients in their labour law disputes in the course of court proceedings or by means of extrajudicial dispute resolution.

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